Mary Cynthia is one of the most talented, and fun Interior Designer and Instructor that you will ever meet.  When you meet Mary Cynthia in person the first thing you notice is a well of energy, insightful observations with a personality that makes everything come alive in a fun new way.  Below are some excerpts from her Radio Show.
Check back often as more of Mary Cynthia's words of wisdom and also video clips we'll be adding.  One thing is for sure. You will enjoy getting to know Mary Cynthia Knowles.  Don't forget to check out the clip of Joe Martin (Mary Cynthia's dad) you will see where she received life lessons, experiences and tongue biting wit that make her the Decorating Diva of today.  
:  If your browser shows a square under the audio section you would like to listen to, click the square to bring up the audio player.
Mary Cynthia and True from Decorate By Design
Meet Joe Martin from Martin Durr Caldwell
Want to know more about Antiques?  Joe. . . .knows!.
Setting a lighting budget for your Decorating project?
Color Flow
You get what you pay for.
Decorate By Design With Mary Cynthia: Home Decorating From The Inside, Out!
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