Have you ever wondered why readers buy Home Decorating Books in the first place?
After teaching interior design for 26 years and interviewing thousands of people the main answer is two words. . . . . . .
More Confidence!
My family-owned interior design firm has worked in over 5,000 homes. I've also taught thousands of do-it-yourselfers to create professional results in their own homes.
My book, helps people find their personal design style, then gives them classic designs that actually work no matter their taste.
Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia: Decorating from the Inside, Out
, style or budget.    
  The book covers every aspect creating a home decorating project:
Personal creativity and expression                 
Getting more from a decorating budget 
Working with color 
Furniture and furniture placement 
Window treatments 
Home accessories 
Working with subcontractors and salespeople 
I've also included a unique bonus: a professionally produced and edited DVD on using color more effectively. This DVD contains over 80 minutes of decorating tips and secrets found in the book, plus dozens of room shots with me explaining how it all works.
Mary Cynthia Knowles has been an interior designer and public speaker for 24 years. Her family owned design firm has worked in over 5,000 homes and businesses since 1956. Mary Cynthia shares all her "family secrets" principles of classic design that actually work, no matter your taste, style, or budget! Mary Cynthia turns decorating disasters into designer dreams!
Don't forget!  When you order "Decorating from the INSIDE, Out!" now, you will receive a bonus DVD on using the power of color wheel design in your home decorating.  80 minutes of Mary Cynthia's "Tips from the Top" on selecting and moving colors through your home, even if you're doing a room at a time!
Experience the Joy of Self-Expression!
Understand why some rooms are inviting and why you want to avoid other rooms.  Unlock the mystery of what pleases you!
Go on a journey of self-exploration, and bring home simple, time-tested decorating secrets, used in over 5,000 homes over fifty three years.
Free up your time, eliminate endless trail and error, and get the decorating hits without all the misses.
Fall in love with your home, connect with your dreams, and bring out your own hidden creative ability!
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