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What does this course cover?

We call our video course "The Complete Decorating System"!  Our video series handles eight different areas, covering all your decorating questions from floor to ceiling, bedroom to kitchen, outside and in.   Click here to order "The Complete Decorating System"!

We've also written a new book based on our course, called Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia: Decorating from the Inside, Out.  It covers all the material in our video course, plus brand-new material on developing your inner home decorating creativity and managing your next design project.


Decorating from the Inside, Out also includes a special bonus DVD: our "Color and Color Flow" videos!  Learn how to use the power of color in your home decorating.  Over 80 minutes of room shots, and Mary Cynthia's "Tips from the Top".  This combination of written and visual material is simply unique in the home decor market!  Click here to order "Decorating from the Inside, Out".



We still hold interior design classes in Central Kentucky.  And, Mary Cynthia can come speak to your group on the hot topic of home decorating!    


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 Using the Power of Color in Your Home Decorating:  You'll learn to use color to save money in your decorating. The chapter de-mystifies the color selection process and become more confident in your decorating decisions. With a few simple rules, you'll be able to pick the colors that work for you, the first time around.




 Color Flow is all about mixing and matching color, paint, fabric, wallpaper, and furniture. It brings to your home a beautiful, consistent unified look and feel, whether you're doing a room at a time or a whole new house, buying new or using what you already have.








 If you like mixing and matching different styles, shopping at flea markets or garage sales, and creating unusual combinations in your home, you'll love the Furniture Style section of "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia".



Are you dreading your next carpet purchase? Want to make sure you get the best deal? Not sure about what type of hard surface flooring to buy? With the Flooring section, I'll clear up all the confusion on this important and potentially expensive investment in your home. I have been selling carpet for over 20 years; take advantage of my experience and get more for your money.



How you decide to decorate your windows can be one of the most effective ways to add beauty to a room. In the Window Treatments chapter, I can show you ways to add "punch" to a room-- without going over the top or spending too much!



The Accessory Section is much, much more than just about objects. The purpose of this chapter is to allow you to tell a story about you and what's important to you: your interests, your passions, your family. With "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia", learning to decorate with accessories becomes a journey of self-discovery! Add personality, interest and self-expression in your home.



 Scale and Balance will tie up all your decorating loose ends for you. This chapter gives you a language for decorating dilemmas you know bother you, but can't quite put your finger on what to do about it. Reading this chapter will put you on a par with professional decorators with years of experience.



 Who is the author?

I have literally lived the life of interior design my whole life. My father started our design company, Martin Durr Caldwell Interior Designers, in 1952. I began apprenticing with him in the early 1980's. Not long after, I took over teaching our "Real World Design" classes.

I created this material as a love letter to my father. Why? Because in my twenty years of experience as an interior designer, I have never met anyone who has such a thorough grasp of classical design. More importantly, he taught me the gift of putting these principles in simple everyday language. We both believe everyone deserves a beautiful home-and "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia" helps you make that happen!

I have been in over 1,000 homes over the last twenty five years, working on everything from one-time consultations to whole houses, with clients who have budgets and needs of all shapes and sizes. Many of my students have become clients; here is what some of them have to say: (click here)



Who should buy this book or video series?

Based on talking to the students from my live classes, "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia"any can benefit who:

  • Wants more confidence in their decorating.
  • Has to use what they already own with greater effect.
  • Wants a beautiful home.
  • Wants to express themselves in their home.
  • Needs a helping hand getting started.

My book and videos were designed to work for you, no matter your taste, style or budget. I guarantee the principles of classic design have been tested in thousands of homes over many years.

Click here to see what our students say about the course.





 How can this course help me to use what I already have?

I have worked for over a thousand clients. Most of them work on a room at a time. They have kids in college, a mortgage, lives and interests outside the home. My course is especially suited for people making the most of what they already own.

It makes what is good stand out.

If you already own some heart-felt or handsome furnishings, I will show you dozens of ways to make them the center of attention. "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia" breathes new life into your current décor-without busting your budget!

It makes what is not blend in.

If you own furnishings that you plan on letting go in the future but have to keep now, I teach you how to make these furnishings work for you. I will show you how to chart a "road map" of where you want your decorating to be-a year from now, or ten years from now.

It lets you tell a story about yourself.

Decorating is not about things; it is about the relationship between things. My home decorating material teaches you how to balance old and new and express your personality through your home. Take the things that are important to you and make them look their best.





 How can this e-book help me when I'm ready to buy new home decor?

When you're ready to make your next home décor purchase, "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia" helps save you time, money and make smarter buying decisions.

When you use color,

My course saves you from re-painting, re-papering and refinishing-get it right the first time!

When you buy furniture,

My e-book helps you plan your room space and makes sure all your furniture works together.

When you buy home accessories,

It adds interest and variety without busting your budget.

When you sew or buy window treatments,

You'll get a full, beautiful look without going over the top.

When you buy flooring,

You'll have the knowledge and confidence to pick the best product for you-- at the best price!





Why should I buy this course?

It covers all the bases.

My e-book and videos are not about theme rooms and one-time projects that have no relationship to the rest of your house. They are designed to give you a beautiful, unified look no matter when you finish-a year from now or ten.

They cover all the fundamental design elements from floor to ceiling: color, lighting, furniture, flooring, windows, walls, accents. Best of all, they show you how all these things work together, and how to balance beauty and your budget.

It's easy to understand.

My father and I have spent 30 years making the principles of classic design as simple as possible. We break down the most daunting "decorating dilemmas" into easy steps, using everyday language.

It actually works.

These principles have been tested on over 5,000 homes in over 40 years. Thousands more have taken my live classes, and several hundred people have bought my videos. Put Classic Design to work in your home!

It's a common language.

"Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia" gives you the know-how and tips to talk to retail sales people and seamstresses, painters and paper hangers. Knowledge is power! Show them you mean business.

It's unique.

Let's wrap this up-- interior design is my life; I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. It's my passion!

There is simply nothing else on the market as simple, comprehensive, practical and do-able as "Decorate by Design with Mary Cynthia".   Click here to order.