A love affair begins…
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The real act of discovery is not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. -Ernest Holmes
Decorate By Design With Mary Cynthia: Home Decorating From The Inside, Out!
 People often ask me why I got into interior design.  I guess I got hooked on design with my very first client.      My dad, who I was interning for, gave me my first client: a retired custodian for a small country school.  She lived in a one room house by herself.  She wanted privacy for her windows, and only had $50—could I help?
Figure 3- Before: Great room with massive brick fireplace. The client wanted a lighter feel…
For a girl right out of college, this was not the way I wanted to begin my glamorous career in interior design!  I couldn’t believe my dad had given me this project: six windows for fifty dollars?!  No way!     This was way before HGTV, so I hand painted some scrolls on roller shades.  There weren’t as many options then as now, so I had to put some thought and effort into this small project.      When I hung the shades up and pulled them down to show the scrolls, this woman sat down on her bed and wept in gratitude.  I get teary right now thinking about her.
Figure 4- After: I covered the fireplace with faux stained glass and painted the hearth the same color as the walls.
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