Figure 11- Before: small, contrasting wallpaper above the chair rail, along with the dark window treatments, makes this room look smaller than it could…
Figure 12- After: Tone on tone “lattice” wallpaper and lighter fabric opens up the room. Notice the chandelier (shades make the fixture look bigger) and the ceiling medallion.
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Decorate By Design With Mary Cynthia: Home Decorating From The Inside, Out!
Exercise #1: From trash to treasure     Go up into your attic, rummage through your closets, look under your beds, dive into your basement and pull out the things you packed away.  Pull them out and lay them on the floor.  What items make you feel good, bring you joy you’d forgotten?  Take out a piece of paper and make a list of what these items are, and why they make you feel good. Look through any decorating magazines you have lying around (or any other magazines, for that matter).  What images stir your heart, make you smile, and move you?  Start clipping pictures and add a short description and “why” to your list.  The stronger the feeling, the greater the clue!               As you go about your day, look for things that make you feel good.  I’m not talking about expensive things or status items; I’m talking about the simple, subtle images and memories that bring you peace, joy and comfort.  Only you know what they are.  These are the things that bring Beauty into your life, not the latest trip to the box store.  Believe it or not, your conscious intention to find these qualities will influence your attention to noticing them! That’s it.  Two things:
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