The tradition continues... In 1952, Joe Martin started an interior design firm he named Martin Durr Caldwell. Located in Danville, Kentucky, it is the second oldest interior design firm in Central Kentucky. It was a family business: Joe's wife Frances answered the phones and kept the appointment book, and his brother-in-law Richard Caldwell installed and kept the books. Eventually, his daughter Mary Cynthia joined the firm, then bought it in 1995. The motto on the crest above reads "Servitas cum Fidelitas"-- Service with Faithfulness. This is more than a motto; for us, it's a way of treating our clients and meeting our commitments. Our Mission Statement reads: You can expect the same mission and "Service with Faithfulness" from our information products company, Lifestyles Consulting, LLC. We bring you over 75 years of real-world design expertise. We have "practiced what we preach" on this website for over 5,000 clients.
Martin Durr Caldwell is in business to: Ensure the comfort of our customers and the beauty of their homes. Help make our clients' lives easier and save them time. Create a unique experience for our clients. Offer a workplace where employees may prosper.
Contact - Phone 859-236-2262 Email -decoratebydesign@hotmail.com